Thank you, Community, for all of your prayers for me over the years. Here is an update and a witness to the Glory of God. 

Last March 28, I had emergency surgery for a strangulated hernia. During surgery the doctor found complications- a perforated upper bowel, and a VRE (Infection that does not respond to antibiotics). A call went out to community for prayers. 

I was in the hospital for 10 days and left with an open wound that had a wound vac to assist in my healing. After two months I started to see a wound care specialist every week for treatments. Two more months of visits and the wound vac came off. Other treatments were used to try to close the wound. 

Through the fall and winter I continued to visit the doctor and the wound gradually began to shrink, but stubbornly refused to close completely. Finally, on February 8 the wound appeared to be healed. I returned to physical therapy on February 12 to get my knees back into shape. The wound reopened. My wound doctor suggested that I continue therapy so I could use the stairs and move more easily, he continued to treat me.  A week later the wound doubled in size. On Tuesday, March 6, the doctor debrieded the wound again. The following morning, Pat & I attended a healing Mass. At the homily, Fr. Richard mentioned that faith is necessary for healing to take place. Although we have attended numerous healing Masses over the years, and even used St Pio's glove, but I never expected a healing. When I heard what Fr. Richard said, I was reminded of what the blind man said to Christ, "Lord, if you will, you can heal me." Christ answered, "I do will it. Be healed. Your faith has saved you. "And so I said to Christ "Lord, if you will, you can heal me.

Father then laid hands on us, then anointed us.

As Pat and I left the Church and walked to lunch,  I said to her, "I am healed." She looked surprised and a bit suspicious. The following day, Pat changed the dressing on the wound and said, "I can't find the wound!" On the following Tuesday the surgeon confirmed that after almost a full year the wound is totally healed. 

Thank you to all of you and to the power of God and Faith. I now know how I need to pray. I know how to pray in FAITH.


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