To All My Brother's, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day!!

Father's Day can hold many emotions for both men and women - those who had a loving father that passed away, those who never knew their dad, those expectantly waiting to become a dad soon, and countless other situations surrounding the father-child relationship. God can use this special day to draw us closer to Himself - the one true Father who remains faithful and full of unconditonal love. Use Father's Day prayers to bring God's peace and glory into your home and life today.

Friday nights SOL was a wonderful night of receiving Love in our hearts for each other. Father Ed and Rick Klarmann gave us such beautiful and emotional talks. 

I say to all tune in to SOL, be present it is well worth your time, to stay spiritualy connected to Cursillo!!

God Bless You All, Remember treat each other with Love.

Your Humble Servant, Kathy Tucker