In this season of thanksgiving, we have many thanks to offer to Father Jay Bowden, who was born on this day in 1936.

It is over two years since Father Jay passed away. He remains in our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers.

In 2011, we assembled an audio of memories of seventeen cursillistas who had passed away. A full list of those remembered and the cursillistas who remembered them are down below.

At the end of the thirteen minute audio, Father Jay shares a memory of Joyce Walsh Zarsky. Father Jay ends his memory as he wishes Joyce to RIP - first saying Rest in Peace but  then changing it to in Rejoice in Peace. 

Rejoice in Peace, Father Jay. We love you and DeColores!

You can listen to the memories AT THIS LINK.


Phyllis McKinstry remembers Valerie Bromsky
Jackie Devine remembers her husband, Tom Devine
Johnny DiStefano remembers Bob Leone
Til Dallavalle remembers Arny Dupont
Rick Klarmann remembers Roger Webster
Mary Ann Dowd remembers her brother, Anthony Forte
Lisa Klarmann remembers Marcy Grady
Harry DiSereria remembers Cass DeFalco
Len Capobianco remembers Cass DeFalco
Gordon Reinold remembers Al Conde
Linda Capobianco remembers Stella Cifordella
?? remembers Ed and Norma Fitzgerald
?? remembers Jan and Fran Healing
Pat Burke remembers Father Tony Hemphill
Sister Clara Schroeder remembers Babe Stap
Hilarie Reinold remembers Joan Walsh Zarsky
Father Jay Bowden remembers 
Joan Walsh Zarsky


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