Editor's Note: The following remarks were made by Mary Ann Dowd at the Closing Mass for the Women of Trenton 120. Mary Ann started by introducing our newest cursillistas:

Annette Asaro, Missy Banahan, Patricia Cartier, May Catuogno, Terri D'Andrea, Mary Jane Lanuto, Millie Linett, Eileen Martin, Maritza Gonzalez Navarro, Theresa Pawlikowski, Dottie Raponkus, Francine Severini and Jean Tierney

Mary Ann continued:

As you have undoubtedly heard, The Cursillo in Christianity has a history which is very colorful (DeColores!) and steeped in tradition. You can read all about it on this website under the "Short Course" tab. Especially recommended: The Charism of the Movement and My Spiritual Testament by Eduardo Bonnin. As Father Ed has reminded us, the Cursillos teach first and foremost the fundamentals of Christianity and in our Catholic Cursillos, we are always and everywhere under the authority of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. As a matter of fact, the two books; "Fundamentals of Christianity" and the "Fundamentals of Cursillo" are, in essence, the same book! This is why so many priests and bishops have lived their weekends along with us and in the same manner as you have lived it these past three days.

In Eduardo Bonnin's Spiritual Tetatment (this book is so titled because he regarded the Cursillo as his most important possession to be passed down to future generations) we read the following:

"The idea that entered our soul when we were 20-years old was not a figment of our imagination--or some whim of our youth, nor was it an exultation of the time ---but rather--a plan of the Spirit of God."

My dear sisters, what you have received this weekend was not a dream-- or a figment of your imagination nor was it some whim of your youth or old age or an exultation of our time, but rather once again an outpouring of the Holy Spirit --a plan of the Spirit of God.

This Plan has been unfolding for 120 weekends in Trenton but not only in Trenton-- all over the world in every language. Only God could have weaved such a beautiful tapestry of love.

This "idea" which the first pilgrims received is the very same Charism that each of us received when we lived our Cursillo....they carried the same Pilgrim's Guide each of you received and listened to the same rollos....the same for me 18 years ago, for Father Jay over 40 years ago and all of you this weekend Trenton #120--because God only gives one way ---perfectly and for all time.

When the original pilgrims returned from their triumphant pilgrimage with over 70,000 pilgrims in a State of Grace, after having been personally addressed by Pope Pius XII upon their arrival, they asked this question: "We have gone to Santiago to become saints, now what?"

Now what indeed?! and so you see...each of you has returned from living your Cursillo with this same question on your what?-- and the answer of Sunday afternoon is always the same: Our Beloved Jesus answers it for us: ultreya! Don't let the light go out. Think of this: Eduardo Bonnin kept the light burning for over 70 years into his 90s.

Don't let the light go out - Christ is counting on you - DeColores!


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