IT'S BACK TO "SCHOOL OF LEADERS" TIME by Ronnie Martella, Assistant Lay Director

Fellow Cursillistas,

School of Leaders starts again on Sept. 9th at Epiphany. Our speakers will be Sister Simon and Frans Tholenaar.

The Gospel today reminds us, through the story of Jesus asking the fisherman to put out their boats and put down their nets, that He asks us to keep trying in our Evangeliztion efforts, to continue to "throw out our nets" even when our efforts don't seem to be very fruitful. That message was very strong at the National Encounter Al and I attending in San Antonio. We heard in many different ways, that personal contact is key and we can never know what the result of that contact is going to be. This is an idea that was really emphasized in an article by the Bishop of Manchester NH found in "Parable" magazine, July/August issue. In the article Bishop John McCormack writes that he always had a reason not to make a Cursillo weekend, but then, at the age of 74, he lived his Cursillo. Here is what he writes about that weekend. "Truthfully, I never expected to be animated by this experience in the way I was. At 74 years old I did not think I had perfected the art of Christian living, but neither did I recognize just how much growth and change was possible."

Let's do more than remember the experience of our weekend, let's come together as community, open ourselves to growth and change and learn how much more the Lord has for us! As the Bishop writes "Our own perspectives and expectations may become limited, but Christ's love for us is not. It is not only abundant, it is infinite."

Hope to see you there! Ronnie


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