School of Leaders is Friday February 17, 2012 at Epiphany's Parish Hall (the Little White Church on the corner) starting at 8pm.

Trenton Cursillo has a solid base from which to grow; School of Leaders, Ultreyas, small groups (some of which have been in place for many, many years), our 40th anniversary coming up and new Cursillistas. It is clear that community loves God, each other and Cursillo. However, Sister Clara recently told me of something she heard the author Joyce Rupp say-“God loves you just the way you are. But He loves you to much to leave you there.” As we respond to God's call to not stay where we are, we have challenges ahead of us that will influence the way we need to plan and the decisions we make.

Trenton Cursillo needs to move forward, to reflect changes in community and circumstances and to respond to the urgings of the Holy Spirit. That movement was started at January School of Leaders when those gathered there brainstormed on the question-“What are the challenges Trenton Cursillo faces going forward?” The responses were gathered and put into 4 major categories by the group: who we are, what we do, how we do it and communication. There was a fourth category, one which seems to come up often and applies to each of the four listed above -we all need to make friends of others, then through prayer and discernment, decide who is ready to live a Cursillo.

The process of revising the plan will continue for the next 3 Schools. In February the group as a whole will look at the Mission Statement, the Vision Statement and Overview of the plan. Then we’ll break into sections and those groups will focus on the purpose and objectives of each section. And if time allows we will begin the work of determining recommendations for each section to carry out the plan.

This requires not just creating a plan but that community takes ownership of the creation, implementation and continuation of the goals and recommendations of the plan.

In order to get right to work and make the most of our time together, I am asking that you review the plan before February School of Leaders. Copies have been sent to the Ultreya leaders, those attending January’s School received a copy and the plan is on the website (right above the red "3 Minute Retreat"). See if you can get a copy from one of those sources.

I am excited about this process and more than that, I am looking forwarded to seeing the fruits of our labors as we respond to the call of Holy Spirit to leave where we are and move into the future!

Ultreya and Buen Camino,


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