Please welcome and continue to pray
for the newest cursillistas from Trenton 126:

Dean Boturla
Philip Limeri
Juan Mantilla
Edwin Petruzzi
Brian Regan
Jeffrey Schutsky

Monday, February 27, 2012


Beloved Cursillistas:

A while ago we had put out to community a request to pray and do Palanca for our on-going journey, as well as encouraging community to share ideas for future endeavors.  We want to keep you posted.  As of this date we have received the following commitment to prayer and fasting from Lakewood Ultreya:
  • A Rosary Holy Hour
  • Novena to our Blessed Mother
  • A Saint Jude Novena
  • Fasting from milk or cream in coffee
  • Alms giving to the poor
We are all included in this prayer and sacrifice as we all continue our 4th day journey.  It is in the knowledge that others care for us in Christ that keeps us going (Ultreya!) God bless you all and keep you in HIS Loving Care.

Forever DeColores!
Mary Ann xo