Beloved Cursillistas,

Friday night at Diocesan Mass began (as Ronnie Martella says), our journey "back to the future".  It began with Father Ed once again reading the letter from the Bishop urging us, as Catholics, to speak up against what is an unconstitutional law forcing not only Catholics, but people of conscience everywhere, to conform to anti-life legislation. By going to the Right to Life website you can easily access your congressmen and make your feelings known. (Editor's Note: Here is a link to the United States Conference of Bishops to learn more about the HHS Mandate - http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/religious-liberty/conscience-protection/index.cfm )

Secondly, Al Martella reminded us of the past influences on our environments and our attitudes (the Faith of our fathers and mothers and friends), which taught us to understand how BIG our God Is...how much HE loves us and how to respond to that Love (the witness can be found below)...and

Thirdly, the announcment was made of plans for an inter-collegiate cooperative Cursillo for our Diocesan colleges in the summer of 2013 (more information to come)

In order to respect the memory of those living and dead, who have helped us on our journey, be courageous and fight the  Good fight ahead of us, as well as prayerfully prepare for the collegiate Cursillos, we ask that all of us humble ourselves in prayer and palanca to God.  This palanca can be posted so all of our community can see it and be encouraged at our website where we have posted a prayer to St. Paul (the link is to the right column at the top of the page) which we can say as often as possible to beg God to help and strengthen us.  Be Courageous! (Palanca can be emailed to trentoncursillo@gmail.com.)

Forever Decolores!
Mary Ann xo